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The customer is responsible for verifying the amino acid sequence.


EspiKem accepts all custom peptide orders subject to the proviso that, should the peptide prove difficult to make or to purify, we reserve the right to cancel the order or to supply a product at lower yield or purity than quoted. Our policy in such cases is to reduce the quoted price in proportion to the equivalent list price for the quantity and purity obtained.


EspiKem will contact the customer in such cases. If it is determined that any unusual procedures will be required to synthesize the peptide, EspiKem will inform the customer, in advance, of any additional charges. Peptides are supplied lyophilised. A mass spectral analysis and HPLC trace is supplied free of charge with every peptide. Actual synthetic yields and processing times are dependent on the particular peptide sequence and length. The anticipated yield and processing time can only be/is based on the actual peptide sequence.


EspiKem reserves the right to cancel the synthesis of a peptide, if after several synthesis attempts the required product has not been achieved. No charge will be made for any peptides cancelled unless stated in the quotation.