EspiKem Srl is specialized in the field of design, synthesis, purification and characterization of peptides and their analogues of biomedical interest.

Thanks to the robust synthetic background of its young and motivated staff, with access to specialized techniques, experience and equipment (conventional and MW-assisted), Espikem offers a wide spectrum of high quality bioactive peptides.


Espikem Srl offers expertise in the preparation of bioconjugates: peptides covalently bound to carrier proteins such as KLH, BSA, protein conjugation with fluorescent probes such as FITC).

EspiKem Srl is also specialized in the custom synthesis of peptides such as post-translational modified peptides (glycopeptides, lipopeptides etc.).

Available analytical and purification technologies include: SPE, HPLC/MS, Ultra Fast HPLC/ MS, ESI-QTOF.